Loom money is a an innovative platform formed on the grounds of true kindness and love. Our goal is help each other meet end meet financially.

But then, there are terms you must Agree to the terms below;

1.       To join, you should be at least 18 years of age because everything we do is also your responsibility and we need to be sure you are of responsibility age.

2.       Don’t invest what you cannot afford to lose.

3.       Its your decision to create a Loom account an we shall not be held responsible for Any loss incurred in the cost of PHing and GHing. We do our best to settle everyone and make sure they are matched on time.

4.       Don’t scam anyone as it will make this system to crash.

5.       You Agree that Nothing legal will be held against the Admins of loom.money.

6.       The security of your account if totally maintained by you and no one will be held responsible for carelessness.

7.       Be patient, the volume of the Matrix is high, your money will definitely come in 5 days.

8.       You must confirm the payment of all your DOWNLINE so they can be added to GET HELP.

9.       Loom money offers you so much, the minimum investment is 5000 Naira and deposits can only be made using Naira to your upline bank account.

10.   We have four(6) investment offers each having their own respective minimum investments with 100% Investment returns in 5 days and much more. 

11.   This website is made up of an ambitious group of people trying to help reduce poverty to it's barest minimum.

12.   We bring hope to our members and make them see that they can also earn a profitable amount of money if they put their minds to it. For that same reason, we lowered the minimum investment to 5000 Naira so that anyone from all aspects of life can have a try and also make good yields in a short while of 5 days.

13.   Well, not so short while😂. Now, you may argue, why are they trying to help us?!! Well, there is a long and a short answer to that. The short answer is, CAUSE WE HAVE MORE THAN ENOUGH. However, the long answer is, "We believe in the not-so-popular saying, "we rise by lifting others" and as strong believers, we believe that true happiness comes when you put a smile on the people around you".

14.   Earning with us is so easy. Firstly, you need to sign up, after that, PROVIDE HELP, and after confirmation, you’re name is queued for Loom money account Backoffice.

15.   You also can take advantage of the referral program and get up to 10% referral commission here, ain't that awesome?!! Of course, it is. Do your marketing at your own discretion.

16.   You can contact us through various means Through our Facebook page, just log on to wwww.facebook.com and search for Loom money. You can also join our Telegram group will Loom Money.

17.   Please note, we do not use any other social networks, anyone texting as us through any other network is fraudulent and reports such cases to the authorities.